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How Bhartiya Chikitsa aims to cure the Thyroid in Ayurveda?

Thyroid has the same treatment and medicine all over the world, over that intake of Thyroxin tablets. I do believe that intake of thyroxin over the misbalance of the thyroid stops the natural working of the thyroid gland. The thyroid gland did not get any work because of the supply of thyroxin, so slowly-slowly it stops working completely, which leads you to take thyroxin T3, T4 tablets whole life. It’s not only a big contribution of British Pharma companies, but it is also big business for them. The only treatment to cure the thyroid is to extract thyroxin and slow down its activity. This can be easily done by Acupuncture, exercise, Aqua Massage in natural ways. This process stimulates the Thyroid Gland. Acupuncture rejuvenates the Parenchymatous Cell, which can cure this disease.

The thyroid is not an incurable disease, as the whole Ayurveda is based on its symptoms. The thyroid is being treated with Ayurveda in past and will be treated with Ayurveda in the future as well.

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